Our History

Established in 1987, Golal Art Gallery celebrates renowned Somali artists and intellectual Ali Said Hassan to promote and sustain the cultural identity collected by generations of Somali historians. Inspired by their virtues of creative expression through delectable art, we relish the power to cultivate a culturally orientated society and commemorate cultural heritage as the heart of this non-profit, charitable organisation.

The creator of this brand, Ali Said Hassan, who was an artist and film creator himself was also responsible for establishing the first art gallery in Somalia. Before the collapse of the Somali government, the gallery contained over 1123 valuable artifacts and paintings.

Driven by our dedication to protect the Somali heritage from malice and propaganda by the socialist government, we were able to preserve only 34 pieces out of the 1123 artifacts. The unique Golal Art Gallery aspires to exhibit and share the enriched work of Somali   Artists with the world, which has been so preciously preserved to connect compelling experiences of the past with the youth of today.


Inspired by a passion to share and connect people through the experience of curatorial excellence, our select artefacts and paintings share the spirit and story of Somali artists that have transcended the harsh realities of political unrest and socio-economic challenges.

Ali Said Hassan was committed to helping young people that had no education to find their passion in the Arts. Harnessing his expertise and knowledge, he trained them with his authentic art techniques that truly captured and embodied the Somali cultural essence. Using unique methods such as organic oils from sesame, colours extracted from the beauty of nature, trees, flowers, and the distinct colour of Somalian red sand, the collection is characterised by historical richness that depicts the cultures apt for skilled craft. It was through art that people were given an opportunity to express their freedom of speech from the oppression, racism and dictatorship experienced in Somalia during the 1970’s and 80’s.




Art pieces in Archive 


Lost during the Civil War


Channelling history through the moving experience of our valuable collection, we wish to educate the modern-day Somalian youth of their rich heritage that has surpassed life defining trials and tribulations. Each artifact and painting share a story of their own as we have carefully transported them around the world to get them to a place of safety. From Somalia to Kenya, Saudi Arabia and then to the shores of Europe and finally England, the hardship to protect history echoes the Somali artists hardship for survival.


Antique Pieces

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I have never witnessed such unique artworks in my life.

The Mayor of Rüsselsheim

The painting holds a special place in my living room. Thank you a million times.

By - Noor

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Frequently asked questions

What are your opening hours?
Currently, Golol Gallery does not have a physical location and therefore, no opening hours. However, a new gallery is set to open soon in London.
Where can I buy the paintings?
We are pleased to inform you that a limited selection of artworks from the Golol Gallery collection will be made available for purchase soon on online platforms, namely Gumroad and Etsy. If you would like to be notified once they become available, please send us an email.
Can I purshase the original artwork?
At present, the original paintings are not available for purchase, however, limited editions of the paintings are available, numbered and stamped for authenticity. If you wish to enquire about a specific original painting, please contact us directly to discuss the possibility.